Trusting God, because that’s all I can do.

The Spring semester is finally over! Words can not express how glad I am to have survive this semester.  This past semester has by far been the most stressful chapter of my life and all I could do was trust in God and His faithfulness.  As you all know this summer I will have the opportunity to go an this incredible mission trip that will allow me to see the world and spread the good news of Jesus everywhere.  But in order for to me go on this mission trip I needed to raise the funds to go.  As a broke university student, this feat is impossible.  But the Lord has provided tremendously and has continued to provide throughout this Spring it multiple ways.  To having college students giving hundreds of dollars to having my mother’s job to boom this Spring.  Only the Lord could work in such ways.

Next, this school semester has as well been extremely overwhelming.  I have been in college for 4 years and still have a few more semesters to go.  As you can see not being able to graduate in 4 years can kind of feel like a disappointment at times. It’s definitely not though, this is where the Lord has put me and I am completely satisfied with where I am at.  This only means I can enjoy college life longer than you! 😛  The big issue though about this last semester is that I needed to make certain grades this semester to join the College of Education program here at DBU.  I was not really determined or focused my first year here at DBU and caused me to have a pretty poor GPA.  So in order to be able to join the College of Education I needed to raise my GPA a lot!! So that required me to at least have all A’s in my classes and at least one A-. This is incredibly difficult for really smart students.  Throughout my time at DBU my overall average was a C.  So yeah, another incredibly difficult/impossible situation I was in this semester.  Once again God is faithful.  The Lord has been by my side this semester and encourage me helping stay focus and giving me peace in knowing that He is in control and whatever happens at the end of this semester is for my good.  The semester is finished and I just looked at my grades, and I did it.  I’m not even going to lie, I started crying when I saw my grades.  This is by far one of the greatest feats I have done and was only able to do it finding my strength in the Lord and by trusting God.

This past semester has been so fascinating to see God work in my life.  For all of you have continued to pray for me this semester, thank you so much because God has definitely listened to your prayers.

Now it’s time to prepare for the Global Journey mission trip.  So for all of you who have been praying for me, just continue to pray for me that I may be prepared this Summer and that God will just continue to use me in miraculous ways!

Trust in Him.