East Asia

Hey everybody I am now in India!!  East Asia was incredible and God is working and moving there.  Our purpose while we were at East Asia was to evangelize to University students and to be a blessing to the missionary we were working with.  

First off, our team was so incredibly blessed to see the fruit of our labor during that week.  One night we had a Bible study with a few of our Christian friends and a few other people we met that day while we we’re playing basketball and evangelizing.  At the Bible study we split off into 2 groups and so the original people who usually do Bible study at this place was one group and a few of us guys who invited our new friends went with them to another group.  I was in the new group with our new friends.  That whole Bible study was in Chinese and I could not tell you a thing that was actually said that night, except that at the beginning we went over Mark 15.  The one incredibly awesome thing that did happen that night was, that I did not need to know how to speak Chinese to realize what was going on, that one of our new friends accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior after hearing the gospel for the first time!!  It was like nothing I have ever seen before, people coming to Christ in a totally different language.  

Next big thing that happened was all the testimonies we heard from our time in East Asia were super encouraging.  Every single testimony we heard from the Christians that lived there all started something like this, “One day an American student shared the gospel to me…”  That was so awesome to hear! Some accepted the gospel right when they first heard and most of the stories we heard they didn’t accepted what they heard till a few months later.  And I now God is doing both of things through our group.  Like before, we already got to see a new brother in Christ, but we also met other people that were hungry and thirsty for the Truth that have not accepted the gospel yet!

Last big thing I learned is that living “life on life” with Christians, or non-Christians, is a huge part of growth and unity with God.  The missionary that we we’re working with was not a preacher or a teacher, but just a student who loves Jesus with all his heart and uses playing basketball to be his ministry.  He just plays at the parks around town with new people and when they are done playing he just starts conversations with them and finds out if they have a relationship with Jesus or not.  If his new friends don’t know Jesus then he just spends time with them,”life on life”, and invites them to his weekly Bible study to learn about God.

I’m sorry this was so brief and quick and that l have not posted anything else before this, but my time in East Asia I did not have access to most websites, like youtube, google, facebook, wordpress…, because of government restrictions and I’m not sure how much time in India I will be able to access the internet.  I hope everybody back at home is doing great and I miss you all so much!!  I will get a new blog up as soon as possible and I can not wait to tell you all about the incredible things God is doing on this side of world!!!