Slovenia: Ministry

Here I am for the third time in Slovenia. The first time I came to Slovenia was two years ago when I first did this trip through Global Journey, the second time I came was this past fall to surprise Sarah and propose to her, and now as a leader of Global Journey.

Every time I visit Slovenia I get lost in the pure natural beauty of the land of Slovenia. From the beautiful mountains, the deep and long valleys, the rushing rivers, and the huge waterfalls. Everywhere you look is majestic. You can’t help but fall in love with Slovenia’s beauty, but in it’s beauty there is something dark. That darkness is the spirituality of Slovenia. It is a very spirituality dark country. Less than 1% of Slovenia are evangelical christians. The Slovenian people allows nature, science, and tradition be the gods of their land. They are in truly in need of a Savior and a Lord.

This time in Slovenia we got to work with two different missionaries. The first few days we worked with Jay Adcock in the city of Idrija. When we were with Jay we had the opportunity to do praying walking, street evangelism, praying in a Catholic building, hold a “church” service for a handful of believers there, and encourage the few believers in Idrijia. Then the last week we were there we worked with Joe Kelley and his family. This week half of our team walked through some towns to handed out literature to the nearby towns, and the other half rode mountain bikes to further villages to do the same. Then in the evenings of this week we had the opportunity to hangout with Slovenian children and have fellowship with them. We played a lot of games with them and led them through some worship. Then throughout the week of doing all this ministry with Joe’s family we also had the oppourtunity to do rafting and canyoning.

The missionaries we worked with had very unique ministries. Jay has moved to Slovenia a few months ago, but he plans to open and run a Crossfit gym in Slovenia. Joe shares the gospel by leading teams in extreme sports. These unique ministries had me pondering these questions:

What is ministry?
What is evangelism?
What is discipleship?
What is missions?

In our minds I’m sure we all have different but similar views to these questions. This past week in Slovenian I got to experience these things in ways that I have not seen before. Evangelism can look like being a guide for a rafting team and explaining the gospel when a team is in the middle of a river. Discipleship can be helping others in a workout gym and sharing ideas and opinions.

I believe we all have a have a picture of the answers to these questions in our heads, and I also believe we live and move by what we believe about these questions. For example, if I believe discipleship is having a bible study once a week in somebody’s home, then I’m going to limit discipleship to just that. We need stop limiting what God can do through us. Here is my blanket answer for those questions:

Do something with what you have and where you are at for the glory of God.

Paul says in Corinthians, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

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