El Salvador: Project RED

Going to into El Salvador we were not sure exactly what ministry we will be doing. Little did we know that this easily became the majority of our teams favorite country. When we’re in El Salvador we worked with a organization called Project RED. 

Recently in El Salvador orphanages were forced to send the orphans back to their original families. The reason these orphans were in orphanages was because their families were not physical or monetarily able to support their children, so then this caused major problems for hundreds of families. So when Project RED saw this problem they came in to help train and support these families. 

Here is a link to their mission: http://www.projectredelsalvador.org/mission.html

While our team was in El Salvador we did a variety of labor projects for the families and the organization. Our team scrapped and painted houses, we built a chicken coop, we helped put together fliers, and just spent time with families. My favorite time in El Salvador was definitely spending time with these families. The kids were so sweet and beautiful. The parents were so confident and joyful with Project RED helping them out. These families put their trust in Christ and it was evident that their joy was from the Lord, because despited their financial situation they were satisfied with everything they had.

Project RED can do what they are doing with more families if they had more support. Check out their ministry, they are doing big things for the Lord. I can promise that this is a ministry that God is using effectively for His glory.


Thanks again for keeping up with my blogs this summer and for supporting my ministry around the world this summer. I hope that God blessed you with the stories and situations that I have experienced this summer. God has been so good and faithful and has made Global Journey 2014 a successful trip. God has taught me a lot of things this summer and has changed my heart even more for His glory.




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